BATA AGRO will be held from 01 to 05 June 2021 at Stara Zagora Airport, and all anti-epidemic measures will be observed, according to the Ordinance of the Bulgarian Ministry of Health.
The exhibition period has been extended to a total of 5 exhibiton days to ensure more even attendance.
At the moment, 170 companies have applied for participation on 38,720 sq.m. exhibition area. These data indicate that this will be the largest agricultural exhibition so far in terms of area, which creates prerequisites for the forum as a professional event, as well as the individual performance of each participant to be successful and effective.

The Elections for Members of 45th Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria will be held on April 4.
The design, construction and layout of pre-election TV studios in recent years has become an integral part of the portfolio of Fairnet Bulgaria.

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The largest exhibition in Bulgaria for heavy and light vehicles, buses and specialized vehicles for investment purposes awaits you from 10 to 12 June 2021 in Plovdiv, on the territory of the International Fair.
TRUCK EXPO 2021 comes with even more power, technological innovation and innovation in the heavy automotive sector. See the latest models of leading brands of trucks, light trucks of category N1, manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers, hydraulic systems, equipment and machinery, as well as companies for service equipment, spare parts, tires, oils, accessories and consumables, financial instruments and services , gas station chains, insurance companies.
TRUCK EXPO 2021 is the most important platform in the Balkans, showing the future of the commercial vehicle industry. The fourth edition of the exhibition will offer a unique cross-section of the entire transport chain. Here, commercial visitors and the general public can meet international manufacturers, suppliers and new consumers.
World premieres, the latest technologies, developments and research await you, with an emphasis on transport, automation and connectivity, safety, environmental protection, electric mobility and new concepts for urban mobility. Today we can choose from a wide range of goods made around the world, which are delivered to our door.

Don't miss them!


The 13th edition of the Specialized Exhibition for Agriculture BATA AGRO, postponed for 2021, will present the products and services of nearly 170 companies from the agribusiness in Bulgaria with a total exhibition area of nearly 39,000 sq.m. The forum is planned for the period May 10-14 at the traditional place - Stara Zagora Airport.
Registrations for participation in the exhibition are still accepted, so we expect to include more industry representatives. Our team works hard to realize BATA AGRO exactly as we planned - even more successful for our exhibitors and even more accessible and useful for farmers.
The period will be extended - a total of 5 working days. The successful format of the exhibition areas from 2019 is also preserved, which provides better access, visibility and compactness of the exhibition. The focus of the visitors will be on the exhibits and demonstrations - both with machines and on seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products. Their action in real, field conditions can be seen in the exhibitors who participate with experimental fields with plantations.
The 13th edition of BATA AGRO will be held in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures for the health and safety of our exhibitors and visitors.


Hills of Rock 2021 will be held on July 22, 23 and 24, 2021, and the place remains the same - Greben Kanal, Plovdiv
The headliner of the first day of the festival will be the Americans from SLIPKNOT, and the headliner of the second day of the festival will be the metal band AMON AMARTH.
In addition to the two main groups, their participation in the festival in 2021 was confirmed by 32 other bands - Rise of the Northstar, Bury Tomorrow, Dagoba, 40 Days Later, Dark Sky Choir, Fallcie, Nervosa, D2, Klogr, Power Crue, Hangarvain, 5Rand, Ravenface , The Modern Age Slavery, District 13, Basska, Hellion Stone, Jeremy ?, Baildsa, Homevox, Ogi 23, Milena & Band, Pizza, Scroletics, Sin Seeks, Jin Monic, Siluet, Kerana & Kosmonavtite, Severozapadnyatsite, Dead Man's Hat, Boomerang & Artificial Comet.
All tickets purchased for the edition in 2020. will be valid without revalidation or need for additional action on your part for the new dates in 2021 - July 22, 23 and 24.
Tickets ordered online can be returned to the offices of the respective ticket operator. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as well as in a personal message on our official Facebook page.

More information here:
Tickets can be purchased here:

Commercial road transport will be a key driver for global economic recovery, the International Labor Organization (ILO) said in its latest sector analysis since early June. The industry is one of the worst hit by the constraints during the pandemic, affecting both carmakers and carriers, logistics companies and a number of other supply chain sectors.The peculiar global lockdown has changed the way the transport system will function in the future. In addition to the temporary measures to extend the validity of certificates, licenses, roadworthiness tests and driver qualifications adopted at the end of May, the European Commission has developed a package of guidelines for Member States on the safe transport of passengers and goods with a gradual lifting of bans, removing restrictions and opening borders.
According to the World Road Transport Organization (IRU), the role of commercial transport in restarting the global economy will depend on the next steps to support the industry. "Drivers risked their own health to deliver food, medicine and workers to supermarkets, hospitals, key institutions and organizations. The industry itself now needs help to stimulate the recovery of the global economy from COVID-19, "said IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto.
State support is important for the industry, including financial and non-financial measures for road hauliers (passenger and freight) - whether small or large. Restoring confidence in the passenger transport system, which was completely blocked during the crisis, requires a smart and balanced approach by all countries to encourage a gradual return to normal operations. However, this will take more time.
Other measures are related to the safe and secure crossing of borders, which will actually encourage trade and transit flows during the pandemic. This includes the use of TIRs, especially eTIRs for smooth and paperless border crossings, green corridors for the transport of goods to reduce waiting times, non-discrimination against countries or carriers, etc. The EC has also stepped up work on the introduction of the new e-Freight Regulation (eFTI) in the EU, which will oblige Member States' customs authorities to accept electronic proofs of conformity and introduce interoperability on their electronic platforms.
Thus, the administrative burden and costs for the business will be reduced, and the exchange of information and control will take place in real time and in full. Manufacturers of trucks, buses and specialized vehicles are also preparing for the new conditions. The development of technologies and innovations introduced in the new models can become a prerequisite for the resumption of trade and passenger transport, the industry is convinced.
Digitalization, the comfort of cabins and saloons, as well as new design solutions for reorganizing the space to help social distance, are some of the opportunities that leading brands will show at TRUCK EXPO 2021 "The industry is extremely flexible and ready for the challenge. Trucks for transport of passengers and goods can be a means to support the phase of economic recovery after COVID-19 ", emphasize the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and their authorized representatives in Bulgaria (AAP), organizer of the exhibition. See the transport of the new reality from 10 to 12 June 2021 in Plovdiv, on the territory of the International Fair

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We present you the opportunity to show your innovations, products, services and events. We provide an option to keep in touch with your customers and to expand your network.
Digital Fair Live gives you a platform to participate in exhibitions, conferences, sales, promotions, presentations ONLINE.

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 The team of Fairnet Bulgaria combines the main marketing and communication tools to support overcoming the limitations of the crisis.
We are sure that you do not lose your relationship with your customers, despite the social distancing. We offer fully accessible, profitable and direct contact with them by realizing an event.
DFL is your trade fair presentation - directly, online or interactively from your production house, branch, conference hall or location, which we will jointly define or provide.

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HASHTAG smaller  We build your fair stand, stage, sets, TV broadcast connection.

HASHTAG smaller  We plan, organize and prepare your events, conferences and presentations on all platforms: live on the web and - at your request - on social networks, YouTube and other platforms.

DFL p1c


HASHTAG smaller

 We create amazing stories from your innovations, developments, new products, services and present them directly to the interested audience - your customers, partners, guests and professionals, through various digital channels.

HASHTAG smaller We produce digital webcasts, webinars, presentations, promotional films or training formats, publishing them as live broadcasts or on demand (premieres).

HASHTAG smaller

 Our architects, designers and stand builders create the stages, build spaces and transform your production halls or conference halls into an effective presentation area.


DFL p3 
DFL p2


HASHTAG smaller We give the right words to achieve the right goal, to create content, to attract audiences, through digital marketing tools, to get the words at the right time, in the right place and for everyone to see your suggestions.


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DFL offers modular participation packages with the following services:

HASHTAG smaller Planning and organizing trade fair presentations, conferences, lessons, product and service presentations;
HASHTAG smaller Training of the main participants (board members, managing directors, lecturers, experts);
HASHTAG smaller Scenario development and moderation of events with moderators from our network;
HASHTAG smaller Live broadcasting of events with multi-camera hardware and digital communication platforms;
HASHTAG smaller Internet streaming and conferencing platform with up to 1000 attendees - live and on request;

HASHTAG smaller We discover, invite and concentrate your audience in the online space, with the tools of digital communications.


snimki 1200x400px4

DFL services for the event:

HASHTAG smaller Video presentations, trailers and commercials
HASHTAG smaller Educational and explanatory films, as well as lessons
HASHTAG smaller 360-degree and VR video projects for immersive visual experiences
HASHTAG smaller Graphics, charts and animations (2D and 3D)
HASHTAG smaller Event design and production of your stage, decor, backgrounds, individual construction of a stand
HASHTAG smaller Photo documentation by professional event photographers
HASHTAG smaller PR and digital marketing for additional communication of materials.


Steps in the Digital Fair Live process:

1. We plan the presentation of your product, service, event, innovation.
2. We offer a set of tools, techniques and channels
we go for the realization of the contact with your clients.
3. Together we invite your guests, using our contacts, agree
suvano with you.
4. We create your DFL exhibition for users - script preparation, speaker training, show your exposure in trainings, product films or as a 360-degree and VR experience.
5. We broadcast your commercial event live online and at your request, with the possibility of interaction with the audience.
6. We deliver from your workshops, production halls, research departments, laboratories and test centers, offices and logistics warehouses, retail network or any other place that comes to mind.
7. We publish the speeches of your managers, interviews with traders, talk shows with experts.
8. We store the Live event by positioning it online and using cross-media platforms and social networks.

Digital Fair Live is a product specially organized by the teams of Fairnet Bulgaria and partners. Our experts have been working for more than 25 years in extremely dynamic and competitive markets in Bulgaria and abroad - each in his specialty.

Today, they joined forces to prepare DFL especially for their clients, for all those who do not want their business to stop and for those who look to the future.

DFL carries the characteristics of a television product, uses the tools of digital marketing and the experience of designers, architects, cameramen, directors, IT specialists, PR experts, marketers, moderators.


Contact us!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

0889 501 706

0889 546 506


Inspire your customers and generate new orders.

Save your business and communicate live!








Имаме удоволствието да Ви представим разработка на фирма Фернет България за индивидуално брандирани защитни маски за служителите на Вашето предприятие.

Предлагаме два вида многократни маски:

1. Основа нетекстилен плат (сертификат в линка по-долу) за 100 пранета, с брандиран допълнителен преден плат, по проект одобрен от клиента

2. Основа нетекстилен плат, с вътрешно покритие от нанотехнология, най-модерната технология на Германия с наименование LIQUID GUARD, с разрешенително от 25.03.2020 г. на Министерство на здравеопазването и приложени сертификати, за многократна употреба, по проект одобрен от клиента, като маската е устойчива със своето покритие за 50 пранета

място за вашата рекламаFairnet

Информация за Ликуид Гарден
Уникалният, иновативен и без аналог до този момент в света, биоциден продукт - Ликуид Гард е разработен и произвеждан от немската компания "Нано Кер АГ Германия", съвместно с Института за Нови Материали "Лайбниц". Същият спечели наградата за иновативен продукт № 1 на Германия за 2019 г. в областта на "Хигиена и анти-микробна защита".
Уникалността му се състои в това, че веднъж нанесен върху дадена повърхност, дълготрайността му на въздействие е минимум 1 година, с 99,9% унищожаване на бактерии, гъбички, плесени, а след тестове от последния месец, също и на вирус Инфлуенца Тип А, както и от последния месец за вируси от тип SARS и се очаква публикуване на резултати за Covid-19 до дни.
Втората, основна характеристика на продукта, която го отличава от другите, е начинът му на действие. Нано покритието създава върху повърхностите милиони положително заредени остриета, които привличат и пробиват отрицателно заредените клетъчни мембрани на микроорганизмите и ги унищожават чисто механично - елиминация без създаване на резистентност.
Продуктът създава защитен слой върху всякакви повърхности, като работни плотове, клавиатури на компютри и лаптопи, мобилни телефони, таблети, а така също подове, стени, тоалетни помещения към офиси. Безпроблемно защитава абсорбиращи повърхности, като текстил, кожа и филтри, създавайки същото трайно анти-бактериално покритие. Защитавайки всички тези повърхности, той прави нуждата от използване на други почистващи и дезинфектиращи препарати излишна. Така ние спестяваме допълнителни средства от почистване и анти-микробна защита . Веднъж нанесен Ликуид Гард, почистването след това се извършва само с чиста вода. Последващото нанасяне или разливане на различни препарати и вещества върху нанесеното вече покритие, не променя неговото действие. Единственият начин на отстраняване и спиране на действието на Ликуид Гард е само абразивен.

Количеството от втория вариант маски е в ограничено количество към момента на склад от препарата, поради големия интерес и ще потвърдим, след заявка възможността за изработка на подадена бройка от Ваша страна.
Разбираме, че тази ситуация с пандемия от COVID-19 е изключително неприятна за всички, но за всички нас е важно здравето и сигурността на екипите ни.
Свържете се с нас на следните телефон:
0889 501 706
0886 188 227
на електронна поща: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Сертификатите за качество и резултати от тестове, можете да изтеглите оттук: Сертификати и тестове.

Бъдете здрави !




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